Hybrid-Electric Truck

In 2009 R & B Trucking Ltd. purchased a diesel-electric Hybrid refrigerated truck.

The first of it’s kind in North America, this truck also boasts an electric refrigeration unit making it perfect for urban deliveries.

We’re proud to take a leadership role in this area. With the long-term cost of diesel rising, we’re looking forward to seeing a big drop in our fuel bill. We’re also excited to be doing our part for the environment.

Participants in Green Fleets BC’s enviroTruck program.

“We congratulate R & B Trucking Ltd. for being the first urban delivery fleet to bring this combination of technologies to North America. The data we generate with R&B will show urban delivery companies that there are financial benefits to going green.”

Said David Marshall Executive Director for the Fraser Basin Council. For more information about Green Fleets, please click here to visit their website.

Hybrid Truck
envirotruck graphic
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